Homage to Prof. R. Ananthan

(Former Professor of Physics DG Vaishnav College and founder of The Physics Society)

As homage to Prof Ananthan, who passed away in the early hours of April 14, there is a proposal to have a whole day programme with a focus on Ananthan – The man and his mission.

The details are as follows:

Date:                April 29, 2017     Saturday

Time:               10 am to 4 pm    with a suitable break for lunch

Venue:            Jawahar Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School, Ashok Nagar,   Chennai-83


  1. Teachers at all levels from schools and colleges, preferably science teachers
  2. Students who have an abiding interest in science
  3.  Friends and admirers of Ananthan from different walks of life


The forenoon session (10 am to 12 noon) will be a session of guided interaction on subjects relating to inculcating a spirit of enquiry among students. A talk by C V Raman on the topic ‘Why is the sky blue?’ and an article by a Russian writer on the topic  Amateur in Science will form the core of the discussion.

The afternoon session (2 to 4 pm) will consist of a visit to PRAYOGA, a unique unit of Jawahar Vidyalaya facilitating school students to do experiments on their own and with which Ananthan was closely associated as one of the preceptors.

Sharing of reminiscences of Prof. Ananthan by his students and other friends

Lunch & Tea:     Lunch and Tea will be served

Contact:    Virupakshan K Cell: 9840847872  or C. Gopalan 044-22760295

Email: virupakshan@gmail.com          spectragopalan@yahoo.com

Heads of educational institutions, old students of Ananthan and friends from other walks of life are requested to bring this to the notice of others interested suitably and join us in paying homage to a gifted teacher.